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Site Design | The Lovety Boutique

The Lovety Boutique is a new online shopping experience featuring clothing and jewelry for women. Lovety is on a mission to help women feel loved, empowered, and beautiful. Like many modern retail businesses, Lovety Boutique relies fully on their e-commerce site to sell their merchandise, meaning it is crucial that the website is easy for visitors both to navigate and preview products and to complete the check-out process. Alive Media helped The Lovety Boutique create their online storefront, including creating the website design and branding, inputting the initial product catalog, and providing training materials to support future product additions and removals.

Alive Media understands that there is no room for error in an e-commerce website. We have significant experience designing and updating e-commerce sites, and we are available to help you bring your e-commerce vision to life or to redesign your current e-commerce site to improve usability and meet current accessibility requirements. Reach out to us today!

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