Selling Products Online

Do you have a great product? Do you want to sell that product online? A strong ecommerce set up includes shipping settings, product dimensions, product photos, pricing, sales tax, etc., and it can be an overwhelming undertaking to try to design your own your website store.

Our team will work with you to create an online store with modern features and a organized product listing. This will ensure a quick and easy shopping experience for your customers, which equals more money in your pocket.

Our team is well-versed in the tools you will need to conduct business online with a secure environment for purchase transactions.

We work with software such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento, and we will customize your online shop to match your design style and to bring back repeat purchases.

Save time and let us get your business ready for online purchases! Contact us to learn more.

Bright and Modern Website Design

website design augusta ga

website design augusta gaThis week we launched a website for a company that sells supplies and services for copiers and printers – Superior Office Systems. The client wanted to make sure that their website design was modern, bright, and inviting.

We worked with the client to fine tune the content of the site to communicate a readiness to support offices in need of service and supplies, and a commitment to excellent customer service.

Want to fine tune your website content and site design to communicate well to your current and potential customers, all while making sure the site responds to mobile devices and includes current SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices? Contact us to learn more!

Site Design | Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning

Customers that have issues heating or cooling their home need help right away. This website redesign for Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning made sure that the services they provide are clear, and that a customer can contact them with a single mouse click via the Schedule an Appointment button.

We always take clients into consideration when helping design sites for businesses. We can help you meet your customers’ digital needs. Contact us today!

Website Redesign | The Painted Pineapple

Our client opened a new location and wanted a new look on her website to go with it. We redesigned the site, and created an online system for her customers to be able to register to attend her workshops. We love the inviting colors and easy navigation the team created for this site.

Do you need modern online solutions for your business? Contact us and we will help design a site that your customers will love.

Launch Site


New Website Design | Roscoe Laircey Heating & Air

website design augusta ga

When taking on the website of an established company such as Roscoe Laircey Heating & Air Conditioning, we wanted to make sure that we virtually communicated their message well. This company was established more than 50 years ago and has a strong legacy in the Statesboro, GA area, and we want them to help continue that legacy by converting web users into new customers.

We installed a detailed appointment scheduling form that allows site visitors to communicate to Roscoe Laircey their service needs, and includes areas to share specific dates, times, and needed services.

Would you like a website that clearly communicates your company message in a modern way? Contact us to learn more.

website design augusta ga

New Site Design | Veteran’s Transport dba Capital Care

This Aiken County-based company needed a presence on the internet, and we made sure their website design is current and responsive when viewed on a tablet or smart phone.

Another need for the administrative side was an internal company portal that was password protected, yet easy to access and update regularly. We made sure that the client was able to use the features of their website, so that it benefits not only current and new customers, but also helps with employee communication!

Having trouble communicating with your staff in real time? We have solutions for you! Contact us today to learn how to use your website to interact with customers and employees.

Website Redesign | Dixieland Nationals Tournament

Content management websites (such as Wix, Squarespace, etc.) have a place in this tech-savvy world, but when a client needs a SEO-friendly design with a custom design, we deliver!

After we completed a website design to match the Dixieland National Tournament’s updated logo, we went on to transfer content from the old site and to work with the client to add or update photos and copy. The end result is is website that is on brand and clearly represents the client, with easy-to-find content for the user.

Trust our expertise with your company’s website! Contact us to learn more!

Branding & Site Design | S&H Construction

S&H Construction wants their potential customers to be able to picture their custom-built home, and one of the best ways to do that is to have a website that showcases completed projects.

For this client, we chose a homepage display with a large, colorful image slider. This image is meant to catch the attention of the visitor to the website and show them a vision of their completed home project.

Though S&H is a newer company with only a few projects to share currently, they will be able to easily update and add content to their website thanks to the training our team provided to them.

Are you ready to have our team build a website and is modern and beautiful, but also appeals to your customers, all while following search engine optimization standards?

Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help!

Branding & Site Design |

site design aiken sc

Our client loves shoes, and wanted to revamp her online store and rebrand her business using a new name… Shoe Sucker, with the tagline “when you’re a sucker for shoes.”

To begin, we mocked up several logo options. Shoe sucker allows for a lot of ways to play on the words visually, and we arrived at the design of this logo, which incorporates shoes and the candy sucker, complete with a cute bit out of it. Our client wanted an equally playful color scheme, and chose the teal and purple combination, which adds a vivid touch in her logo and on her new website.

logo design aiken sc
site design aiken sc

Speaking of the website, we needed a ecommerce site that would meet the needs of her clients and showcase her products in a way that reflected the playful nature of the company. The Shoe Sucker online store includes plugins that allow for featured products to be displayed on the homepage, and for the most popular shoe styles to automatically fill. These features allow customers to know what is trending and purchase accordingly.

Does the online shopping experience on your current ecommerce website need an update? Are you wanting to sell products online, but don’t know where to begin? We can help! Contact us to get started.

New Year, New Website

website design aiken sc

We resolved to have a new website for our business in 2018, and we delivered. We wanted a contemporary design that would clearly represent our services to potential customers who visited our site.

We love the dynamic features, such as the movement that occurs when the cursor interacts with different design elements.

Do you need a new website, or would you like to refresh your website design? Contact us today!

website design aiken sc