Site Design | The Centuriane Group

The Centuriane Group  is a self-care platform that specializes in helping women develop and live more sufficient and sustainable lives by achieving optimal physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health. Alive Media helped The Centuriane Group present all components of their business in a clear and effective way.

A website is the lynchpin of your digital brand. It’s crucial that your website communicates the purpose of your organization and gives potential clients confidence to engage further with your business. Let Alive Media help you build your digital brand with a professional website design customized to your needs and aesthetic. Contact us today!  All of our client interactions can be executed over the phone, by email or via video conferencing.

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Site Design | Granite Countertops Unlimited

Granite Countertops Unlimited is a countertop store in Elberton, GA, that specializes in natural and artificial stone countertops, including granite and quartz. We worked with the Granite Countertops Unlimited team to redesign their website to improve usability and better reflect their business aesthetic. 

Remember – an attractive website design is irrelevant if visitors cannot find the information they need. If your business has a large inventory of products to showcase, your site’s navigation and design becomes even more crucial. Let Alive Media help you create a mobile-friendly website that effectively communicates the breadth of your business portfolio. Let’s get started.  Contact us today!

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Site Redesign | Midcoast Properties Inc.

Midcoast Properties is a commercial real estate firm that specializes in self storage facilities. Alive Media and Midcoast Properties began working together on web design initiatives in 2014, and this is the second website design Alive Media has completed on behalf of Midcoast Properties. Alive Media is proud to maintain a long-term relationship with many of our clients.

As expectations for usability, mobile friendliness, accessibility and SEO change, we remain on the forefront of effective web design. The Alive Media team is ready to help you with your website redesign today. All of our client interactions can be executed over the phone, by email or via video conferencing. Contact us today.

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Site Refresh | MCG Foundation

The mission of the Medical College of Georgia Foundation is to improve the quality of life of the people of Georgia, the nation, and the world by supporting the advancement of education, research, and patient care at the Medical College of Georgia. We recently completed a website refresh for MCG Foundation.  Alive Media is proud to help further the mission of this valuable organization.

Alive Media remains available to serve clients via phone, email and video conferences. Contact us today to discuss your digital marketing needs.

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Site Design | All-Safe Industrial Services

Since its foundation as an industrial cleaning and coatings company more than 20 years ago, All-Safe Industrial Services has expanded its services to include a broad portfolio of cleaning and coatings, scaffolding, insulation, and other industrial maintenance services. It was important that All-Safe’s new website accurately represented both the company’s breadth of services and its brand image. The website incorporates images from client projects and also allows interested parties to apply online for a job with the company.

A polished and professional presentation of your brand is important, and it can be especially crucial if you are a local business competing against regional and national service providers. The Alive Media team can help your business design a website that puts your best digital foot forward.  Contact us today!

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Site Design | Habitat Aiken

If your business is affiliated with a national brand or organization, some elements of your website design may be dictated by its branding requirements. Alive Media helped Habitat Aiken, the Aiken chapter of Habitat for Humanity, respond to new national branding requirements and improve the overall look and usability of its website. 

Meeting brand standards can feel overwhelming, especially if your business or organization doesn’t have an in-house web designer. The Alive Media team can help your business incorporate any web design requirements. Our attention to detail and familiarity with web design standards allows us to make the process painless for your organization, so you can focus on your business.  Contact us today!

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Site Design | Laurie McRae Interiors

Laurie McRae Interiors is an interior design firm based in Augusta, GA, to serve clients in the Southeast and throughout the United States. Alive Media worked with Laurie McRae to revitalize a website that she felt no longer effectively captured the breadth and depth of her experience and portfolio. The website’s streamlined homepage features a single image from Laurie McRae’s portfolio, as well as links to Laurie McRae’s services, partners, commercial and residential portfolios and more. When users visit the homepage, they will see a simple animated image move up the homepage, adding a simple touch of creativity and whimsy. 

Let Alive Media capture the aesthetic of your brand with a new website design. Each new website reflects the specific needs of the individual client, including a tailored design, copywriting services, and mobile optimization. Let Alive Media refresh your website for the new year.  Contact us today!

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Site Design | New Passion Church

New Passion Church is a community of believers located in the Augusta, GA, area. The church’s new website features a mobile-friendly design that provides clarifying information about the church’s beliefs, worship services, staff and ministries. The new site features a sermon launch tool that allows site visitors to access previous sermons without downloading an app or opening a separate browser. They can also choose between an audio or video option. 

Not sure how to incorporate certain content on your website? Alive Media can help you build in the specific functionality required to present the content in a way that best serves the needs of your business or organization.  Contact us today!

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Site Design | Sweet Azalea Bakery

Sweet Azalea Bakery’s founder began by baking cheese straws for Augusta, GA, area weddings and other special events. As demand for the cheese straws grew, Sweet Azalea Bakery was formed. When we met with the Sweet Azalea Bakery, they wanted two primary things: an online platform to their baked goods nationwide and strong branding. Alive Media worked with Sweet Azalea Bakery to design a logo and supporting branding elements that speak to the Southern traditions on which the bakery was established. We also developed a clean, user-friendly website with ecommerce functionality, so that visitors can easily view product options, purchase cheese straws and other baked goods, and have them delivered to their door. 

Alive Media is a leader in branding and ecommerce site development for small businesses. Let us help you expand the reach of your business today.

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Site Design | Walton Foundation for Independence

The Walton Foundation for Independence provides services and programs for individuals throughout the CSRA who are living with disabilities. When beginning the web design process, Alive Media works with each client to determine how their website can most effectively support the goals of their business or organization. For the Walton Foundation, it is important that visitors can easily access information about their programs and services. The new site highlights the camps and adaptive sports programs the foundation offers, making it simple to find the opportunities available for participants and volunteers. The Walton Foundation is primarily funded by donations and sponsorships from individuals and businesses. As a result, it is also important that opportunities to provide financial support are visible, including the online donation process. The Walton Foundation website was designed in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, to help ensure a positive experience for individuals of all abilities.

To discuss the goals for your website with the Alive Media team, contact us today.

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