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What People Are Saying


Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. Much of our new business is via referral. Our reputable, friendly service make us an outstanding web design and online marketing solution for your business.

Bryan Robles


“Let me start by saying the Alive media is an organization that knows how to get it done. With some testimonials they will respond based off of 1 experience, but we have had multiple experiences with this team. We have worked on multiple design projects, campaign projects and have had them develop our website. This is an organization that is multi-dimensional in there multi-media. Our experience with Alive Media has been one of a creative collaboration that has been both enlightening for our team and has moved us into places we could not have gotten to ourselves. They have always made every deadline and presented our projects with a professionalism that is unmatched. This is what has kept us coming back with many of our other organizational media projects.”

Christy Lynn


“Alan and the team at Alive Media built my first website when I became a Realtor. He came highly recommended by trusted friends and as soon as I laid eyes on the website he designed for me – I knew exactly why! Alan had the vision and skills to pull my ideas and plans together to design exactly what I was looking for! I will never use another web-design service or company! I can’t compliment Alive Media / Alan Jones enough or even begin to tell you how much I enjoy working with him! Best money ever spent on a website! You won’t be disappointed!”

Joel Johnson


“I had never needed or created a website until December 2014. I was referred to Alive Media and Alan Jones by my graphic designer. What a wonderful experience it became. My website got developed and now is being used by my new customers to order my plaque, as well as being seen by thousands. I have gotten so many compliments about my project and the website from everyone who has ever seen it. It is so seamlessly integrated and easy to use as I fulfill my customers orders. It truly has been a integral part of my business and I could not be happier.”

Kyndra Shedd


“Alan and alive media were very helpful in designing my website. They worked with me on getting the colors and backgrounds we wanted to use and they were very patient in waiting on me to provide the pictures they needed to finish the job. I was thrilled with the end result. ”

Earnest Bloom


“Alan and the Alive Media team are a joy to work with. Alan was quick to respond to my needs and was very patient with teaching me how to manage our website. Alan took our idea for the website and pushed it beyond what we thought possible. Polite, profession and courteous 100% of the time! Thanks for all the great work!”

Tammy Dyson Roach


“My experience with Alive Media has been Easy and Professional. When I first meet about setting up my site it was interpreted right the first time around. Once my Business started growing I added an on line ordering system. Again , it was interpreted right the very first time and I was completely satisfied with the set up and the guidance given to use it correctly.

I appreciate the immediate response always given when I have a question or a change and I highly recommend Alive Media for any of their services. Their pricing is good and the Staff is always available to accommodate any situation.

Having a good web site is very important to the growth of my business and Alive Media is highly credited in making that happen.”

Joe Seamon


“Working with Alive Media has really been a fun, easy experience for me. I am not a ‘tech’ person by nature but Alive Media has really made the website process as easy for me as can be. Alive has really exceeded all my expectations in every aspect of the website design process. I have been extremely impressed with Alives designs, professionalism, and courtesy; I can say that is what makes them stand out in a sea of web site designers. I can tell Alive really cares about me and the growth of my company. Alive has been a perfect fit for my company and our growing needs as a business.”

Ginger Richardson


“We had great results from working with Alive Media. Our website was revamped and we are very happy with it. We have seen increased visibility in search engines, people have been filling out more applications to employment and we are making more money because people are able to find any of our locations online to get their car washed.”

Tim Hayes


“Alan and his team at Alive Media are the definition of collaboration and partnership. When I was evaluating web designers for my new business, I did not yet have an existing website and because I was in the nascent stages of re-branding, I was also in need of a new logo. Essentially, I was starting over from scratch and I cannot tell you how delighted I have been with the work that Alan has done for BornForBusiness.com. Starting with my iconic logo, which has received numerous compliments to my new website that went live on schedule, Alan has been the co-creator and invisible hand behind my vision. Yet it’s his patience, professionalism, integrity, and commitment to quality service that really makes Alan stand out. As talented a designer as he is, I was also looking for a service provider that I could put my faith in for the long-haul. I knew it would be an arrangement that would need to stand the test of time and I chose Alan because he truly inspires that kind of trust and commitment. I highly recommend Alive Media for all of your web needs.”

Heidi Trockman


“The help with planning my website made the process extremely simple. My thoughts and needs became reality on my new website even though I have no idea of what goes into a professional website. Fortunately for my company, Alive Media took the reins and through creative and technological experience built an extension of my business.”

Chris Rieke


“The help with planning my website made the process extremely simple. My thoughts and needs became reality on my new website even though I have no idea of what goes into a professional website. Fortunately for my company, Alive Media took the reins and through creative and technological experience built an extension of my business.”

Mitch Schultz


“I appreciated very much the prompt response and professionalism to our needs by Alive Media. When I first approached them to request a website for our ministry, I came with little knowledge and confidence. Their team took over, responded with confidence and handed us a product that went far beyond what I could have imagined on my own.”

Maria Swanson


“It has been a great experience working with Alive Media for eight years. They design, host, and maintain our website. Not only do they provide professional web design services, but they back it up with quality customer service.”

Danny Holland


“Alive Media has done an incredible job designing our websites. Their unique ability to capture the essence of our various identities and design them into websites has been invaluable to us.”