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Branding & Logo Design

Making a Visual Statement

Creating or Maintaining Your Brand

The message your business communicates should coordinated and clear. New businesses that need logo design, or established businesses in need of marketing and branding expertise can both benefit from our graphic design services.

With our graphic design services, we can design your organizations full identity package from logo to stationery and signage.  We’ll provide you and your printer with all the necessary file formats, and take your project from design to delivery.

Logo Design

The first impression most people have of your business is your logo.  Your logo and branding are the foundation, the most important pieces to your presence in your marketplace. Yet, it is often rushed through or skipped altogether.  A well-designed logo can take you to the next level as a company.

Alive Media will partner with you to design a logo that speaks to your audience and communicates your company values.

Advertising experts say that it takes 8-10 impressions of your logo before someone starts recognizing it. That is why branding begins, but does not end with the logo.  The next step would be carrying your logo design and style through to your correspondence with a professionally designed stationery set including letterhead, envelopes and business cards.

Branding & Graphic Design

We have the skills you need to get your message out. We specialize in:

  • Brand management and media kits
  • Advertising design for print or online
  • Video production and editing
  • Email template building (Mailchimp and others)
  • Image editing for websites and blogs
  • Graphics for social media (icons, avatars, headers, covers)
  • Design and layout of brochures, booklets, reports, etc.
  • Business cards and company IDs

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