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Our client loves shoes, and wanted to revamp her online store and rebrand her business using a new name… Shoe Sucker, with the tagline “when you’re a sucker for shoes.”

To begin, we mocked up several logo options. Shoe sucker allows for a lot of ways to play on the words visually, and we arrived at the design of this logo, which incorporates shoes and the candy sucker, complete with a cute bit out of it. Our client wanted an equally playful color scheme, and chose the teal and purple combination, which adds a vivid touch in her logo and on her new website.

logo design aiken sc
site design aiken sc

Speaking of the website, we needed a ecommerce site that would meet the needs of her clients and showcase her products in a way that reflected the playful nature of the company. The Shoe Sucker online store includes plugins that allow for featured products to be displayed on the homepage, and for the most popular shoe styles to automatically fill. These features allow customers to know what is trending and purchase accordingly.

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