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What is SEO and Why Does My Site Need It?

You already have an outstanding website with strong visuals and a clear message to current and new customers…

What’s next? How do they find you in the massive online world? Point the way with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Making sure the content on your website is optimized for search engines is important because online tools such as Google, Bing, etc., are the most powerful sources of web traffic.

Are you listed prominently in search engines (especially in Google) or are you are missing out on potential traffic that would bring your business sales and leads? The team at Alive Media will boost your SEO listing and search engine visibility by using our knowledge of SEO best practices.


  • Most online searches begin in search engines
  • 65-85% of any site’s traffic comes from search engines
  • Approximately one half of online sales are due to visitors referred from their online searches
  • Ranking high in web search is considered a standard for industry leaders

Excellent SEO strategy requires knowledge and can be time consuming to implement. Trust in our expertise to boost your business!

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