Site Design | Snappy Shopper CSRA

Snappy Shopper CSRA specializes in grocery orders/delivery services for seniors and others who are homebound or unable to grocery shop on their own. Unlike many shopping companies, Snappy Shopper doesn’t require additional technology, like an app.  The Alive Media team listened to the specific needs of the Snappy Shopper founders and developed a website for their new business. The site is simple and clean, and uses larger fonts than many sites to increase readability for individuals with limited eyesight. 

The website is also optimized for mobile, to ensure that customers can easily navigate the site on their mobile phone. A well-designed website is a customer expectation in today’s world, but building a professional site that encompasses all the needs of your business can prove challenging. Choose Alive Media – a web design and digital marketing agency that understands the unique needs of small businesses. We are ready to help – Contact us today!

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