How To Measure Your Website Traffic

You have launched your website, and now you are ready to see who is visiting, what pages they are spending the most time on, what the most popular content on your site is and how did they find you in the first place??  This is a question I often get asked by our clients in one form or another: How can I see who is visiting my website?

In the video below, I’m going to give you two methods to use to measure your website traffic.  One of the ways is the “technical” way, the other is one that is not quite as technical, but is HUGE in the information it can provide about your website, your visitors and ultimately about your marketing efforts.

Measuring website traffic doesn’t have to be overly technical and confusing.  Something as simple a beginning to track where most of your website traffic sources are coming from (ie: Google Search, Facebook, Radio Ad, Billboard, etc.) with a spreadsheet will begin to give you a birds eye view of what is working well for your business and what needs some work.

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Alan Jones

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