Social Media Marketing: Best Business Practices

social media marketing augustaAlive Media’s own Alan Jones (owner/creative director) had the pleasure of speaking to fellow business owners recently at a seminar hosted by the North Augusta, SC Chamber and local SCORE organization. We welcomed the opportunity to share particular trends in Social Media, which platform is best for certain types of businesses, tips when using Facebook for advertising and some practical tools & methods to increase effectiveness.

Here are some of the basic thoughts on social media that we shared during our time:

1. One of the most effective tools we find in utilizing Social Media for your business is to begin with a marketing plan and calendar. This plan will ensure that consistent and relevant information is being posted on a regular basis and puts you top of mind to consumers. Creating a calendar for your plan keeps you on task for when and what times of day to post.

2. With all of the many Social Media platforms to work with, we strongly suggest that you begin with one at a time and master each one before moving to another. In other words, don’t get overwhelmed feeling like you have to know EVERYTHING about Social Media to be effective.  Find which one carries most of your ideal customers and begin engaging with them there. Answer questions, post relevant articles and just create the relationships that will build trust and credibility in their minds.

3. Integrate visual Social Media into your marketing efforts. One of the largest trends today includes photos and video. Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Vine are exploding in the Social Media world and one of the best ways to advertise your products and or services is to Show them what you can do.

If you need assistance with designing a marketing plan and marketing calendar or guidance on which Social Media platform to begin with, feel free to contact us for a consultation.  We partner with businesses on helping them implement social media and even handle their social media marketing for them.

social media marketing augusta seminar

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