Advantages to Having Your Own Website

Website DesignI was meeting with a client earlier this week and in the course of conversation, he was counting off the number of colleagues in his profession that did not have a website at all…not even a simple one page “business card” site. In thinking about that, I put together a quick list of advantages to having your own website.

  • Professionalism – The amount of users on the web has grown 200% each year over the past 3 years. If you look at a Fortune 500 company, then you will notice that almost all of them have a website. A well-done website, including your own domain name (www.yourcompanyname(dot)com), communicates to a potential client that your company is professional and is doing well.
  • Websites are a relatively inexpensive means of advertising – Whether you pay someone to design your site or do it yourself, your business can have a professional web presence for relatively little money, not to mention the vast number of people you can reach.
  • “Piggy Back” Advertising – whether you’re using TV, a newspaper ad, direct mail or a billboard, at some point the amount of information that you can (and want) to communicate has to come to an end (unless you’ve got more money than you know what to do with). The great advantage of having a website is that you can list the web address on any piece of advertising, and a potential client can go to your site and get plenty of information.
  • Increase your potential target market – While it may not be the goal of every small or medium size business to go international, a website can increase exposure to more people inside and outside of your current area of focus.
  • Increased convenience for a customer – Whether you are selling products or services, a website is a convenient way for a potential client or current customer to purchase products, get information, contact you or your office and give feedback.

A website doesn’t have to be overly complicated or confusing. The important thing is to begin to establish a credible online presence and go from there. Questions? email Alive Media at

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